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Michelle Littlefield, MBA

Michelle Littlefield is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Michelle is not a web3 native, and had to ask the definition of degen while writing Tristan’s bio. 


Michelle’s breadth of operations experience spans a number of industries, including marketing, publishing, nonprofit, finance, education, and tech consulting. After a successful decade in marketing and operations roles, Michelle moved into the tech consulting space in 2019 as a lead Salesforce Architect at Traction on Demand. There, she led technical implementations of Salesforce for education, nonprofit, and corporate clients. Upon the acquisition of Traction in 2020, Michelle left the Salesforce consulting space to officially ape into web3 with Trislit.


In her free time, Michelle can be found writing about recovery from corporate burnout, learning about the crypto space, and tending to the leafy greens she grows on the back patio.

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