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Trislit Story

The crypto space first caught Tristan’s attention around 2013 when he was working as a tech consultant and his client experienced a hack of their data. The hacker demanded a ransom be paid in Bitcoin and, feeling backed into a corner, the client asked Tristan to do research on how to obtain said Bitcoin. And so down he went into his first rabbit hole. 


Enamored by the promise of a decentralized future, Tristan started mining Ethereum in 2016 until his wife Michelle asked why the electricity bill in their 1000 square foot condominium was over $300 per month. (She never understood why, he just unplugged the server. Sigh.) But with that earned Eth, he was able to experience his first rug pull (ish) by The DAO. This experience actually proved quite useful in that it kept him somewhat risk averse as he ventured into the start of NFTs in 2017. Tristan has never put an actual USD into the crypto market.


Tris attended the first NFT.NYC conference in 2019, where he made deep connections and lasting friendships. With support from these friends, he finally left his shitty, traditional Corporate America job in 2020 to focus on building full time. And build he did. 


As we reach the post-COVID-pandemic times in crypto, Tris realized that even though he was free from the traditional 9-5 world, he was generally always building for someone else’s dreams. Meanwhile, his wife Mich was reaching her peak of burnout as a Salesforce consultant. In their moments of collective frustration, it finally clicked that they were both tired of working for others values, ideals, and pockets. If they were going to continue to work this hard, it should at least be toward a better future for themselves and others. And so was born. 


The universe is funny sometimes, and in August 2022 Trislit was able to acquire TokenSmart™, the NFT ecosystem’s oldest premiere community hub. As an early member of the now 25,000+ user community, the purchase of TokenSmart™ assets saved this community from potential dissolution. By doing so, Trislit hopes to ensure the community adheres to its original vision – that crypto and web3 be accessible to all and that these technologies be used, as much as possible, for the greater good of the collective. TokenSmart™ will continue to be a safe space for learning, discussion, discord, innovation, and collaboration and will be a critical conduit to achieving the mission - to make space for the average user to realize their potential in web3.


If you were worried, Tristan was able to circumvent the Bitcoin hack back in 2013 and he fixed his client’s issue himself. So if that doesn't speak to our founding web3 values and ideals, nothing much else will. We hope to see you in the metaverse. Join us in the TokenSmart™ Community now. 

The Story

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